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Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher
Gary Fisher - Lion of Judah Ministry

Gary Fisher is 58 years old and married to Pam for 29 years. They have one twenty-one-year-old daughter and live in Williamson County, Tennessee.

Gary graduated as Treasurer of his class from Franklin High School in 1970. After two years of college at David Lipscomb University, he joined the United States Air Force in 1972. While in the Air Force, Gary read a book written by Hal Lindsey entitled The Late Great Planet Earth. As a result of reading this book, Gary accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and began to study Bible prophecy very seriously. Studying from teachers such as: Hal Lindsey, Tim LeHaye, John Walvoord, and many others, caused him to conclude that we are living in the season of the Lord's return. Gary felt the calling to make others aware that like no other time in history, many Bible prophecies were falling into place heralding the return of Jesus Christ. Responding to this calling after twenty years of study, Gary founded Lion of Judah Ministry in January of 1994. Continuing to study, Gary is currently enrolled in a Liberty University Bible course and ongoing studies in Bible prophecy through the Pre-Trib Research Association, founded by Tim LaHaye, of which Gary is a member.

Gary serves Lion of Judah Ministry on a full-time basis and has done so since August 1, 1994. Since founding the ministry, he has served as a conference speaker in the World Prophecy Conference in Jerusalem in October 1994 and in prophecy conferences in churches in Budapest, Vienna, and Warsaw. Gary has also spoken at other conferences, various churches and Sunday school classes, and was the host and speaker on a daily radio broadcast during 1994 in Nashville, TN called, Soon And Very gary-fisher-tulsaSoon. He is a contributing author to Kregel Publishing's Dictionary of Premillennial Theology and is currently working on a new book. He is also a member of the Pre-Trib Research Association founded by Tim LeHaye and was a speaker in the conference held in Dallas in January 1997 by that "Association". He is also editor in chief of Lion of Judah Ministry's newsletter "The Trumpeter", and author of the Ministry's Web site articles (, which has touched many thousands of lives around the world. He has been interviewed on radio and television shows concerning the soon return of Jesus including a guest appearance on "The King Is Coming" broadcast usually hosted by the late Dave Breese and on the Christ In Prophecy television show, seen on the Daystar and Inspirational Networks numerous times. Gary also serves as tour host on tours of Israel that the Ministry sponsors and has completed a professionally recorded and edited tour video of Israel with Dave Reagan (Lamb & Lion Ministries) in June of 2000.

Lion of Judah Ministry is an independent, non-denominational ministry that is controlled by a Board of Directors of six men including two ordained ministers. The theme verse of the ministry is Hebrews 10:25 which says, "...encouraging one another and all the more, as you see the day drawing near". The Ministry circulates a teaching newsletter that tracks current events and how they relate to the soon return of Jesus. Gary, the ministry's main spokesperson, is an author and conference speaker. The focus of this ministry is to show how so many Bible prophecies are being fulfilled that indicate that Jesus Christ will appear very soon. The intent is to challenge the lost that time is short and now is the time to ask Jesus into their hearts! To the Christian, the message is, get serious about serving the Lord, because we will see Him face-to-face very soon!

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