Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Hal Lindsey & The Hal Lindsey Report


Hal Lindsey & The Hal Lindsey Report

He’s referred to as the "Jeremiah of his generation" for his amazing insight into biblical prophecy. So, many people are surprised to learn that Hal Lindsey was once a self-confessed "devout pagan."

Hal has been curious about God since his childhood in Houston, Texas, when his mother would occasionally take him to church. In fact, as a teen he went forward to be baptized in three different churches, each time expecting a noticeable change in himself. Unfortunately, nobody offered him guidance and teaching, so he never found Jesus.

Years later, after serving in the Coast Guard during the Korean War, Hal was a hard-working, fast-living tugboat captain in New Orleans—until something happened that got him thinking about God again. It was an incredibly foggy night, and he needed to get his boat across the busy Mississippi River. But without radar or a signal alarm, the trip became a treacherous blind voyage into the unknown. When Hal was near the middle of the river, help from an "unseen hand" caused him to suddenly steer his boat to the right, narrowly avoiding a devastating impact with a large steamship. He had no doubt that this incident was the work of God.

Hal began to rethink his lifestyle, and turned to a Gideon’s New Testament he had saved since his youth. Still, though, there were questions he couldn’t answer—until he met the "crazy preacher" down at the docks. When one of his shipmates joked about an impassioned Christian that had recently arrived on the waterfront, Hal invited the newcomer aboard. At last he had found someone who could deepen his understanding of the Bible and his growing Christian faith!

hal-lindsey2Hal went on to graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary, ministered with Campus Crusade for Christ for eight years, and served as pastor of Tetelestai Christian Center in Torrance, California. Yet he is best known for his many books on Bible prophecy and the end times (with worldwide sales of more than 36 million!). The most popular of these is The Late Great Planet Earth, his premillennialist interpretation of Ezekiel and Revelation that was the best-selling nonfiction book of the 1970s. Hal also hosts International Intelligence Briefing with Cliff Ford, a television and radio program that examines how breaking world news relates to our future.

Although his prophetic interpretations of contemporary history and politics have attracted millions of readers and the support of fundamentalist leaders, his work is not without its share of opponents. Some criticize his unfulfilled predictions, his lack of a credible scholarly style, and his "sensationalism" in presenting the dispensational premillennial position, but nobody can deny his popularity or staying power. He has remained at the forefront of modern-day Bible prophecy for decades, and is still looked to as a leader in the field.

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