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Gary Kah

Gary Kah - Hope For The World Ministries

Gary Kah

Gary Kah had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home, and remembers praying to God since the age of four. Throughout his childhood years he faithfully attended the United Brethren in Christ Church in Kettering, Ohio, where his mother was the organist and his father was an usher. At the age of ten, he understood for the first time exactly what Jesus Christ had done for him on the cross. At that time he accepted Christ as his personal Savior.

Shortly after making his decision for Christ, Gary remembers first grasping the reality of what happened during World War II. Hearing the war stories of his father, who fled from both the Nazis and Communists as a young boy in Croatia, Gary couldn't understand why most Christians stood back and allowed such terrible atrocities to happen. One day in his classroom at school, as a sixth-grader, he remembers silently praying to the Lord about these matters. He vowed that if something like this were to ever happen in America he would take a stand against it, whatever the cost.

During his teenage years Gary continued to worship at the Kettering U.B. Church, serving as president of his youth group for two years. He also attended youth gatherings at Fairhaven Missionary Alliance Church where he sang in the Campus Life Chorale. Upon graduating from Fairmont West High School (in Kettering), Gary moved to Indiana to attend Anderson University. While at Anderson he met his wife-to-be, Audrey Liechty, originally from Berne, Indiana. Audrey also had the fortune of growing up in a Christian home, and was actively involved at the Berne First Mennonite Church, before going to college.

kah_familyDuring their years at Anderson University Gary and Audrey both attended Eastside Church of God where they were regularly challenged by the sound teaching of Pastor Dwight Dye. Following college, Gary and Audrey were married, and soon afterwards moved to Indianapolis, where Gary was offered a position as Europe and Middle East Trade Specialist with the Indiana Government.

After making the move to Indianapolis, the young couple began attending The Church at the Crossing (affiliated with the Church of God, Anderson) and soon became involved as youth counselors. About that time, Gary started traveling more extensively overseas because of his job, and soon began to witness events leading us toward a world government. He learned there was a definite agenda to unite all the governments of the world under a single umbrella for the purpose of control. This emerging one world government, he discovered, was being referred to by insiders as, The New World Order.

Skeptical at first, he began looking into these matters for himself, only to realize that many of those at the helm of this "New Age" movement were heavily involved in the occult. The forces involved included many U.N. Officials, U.S. Government leaders, a virtual "Who's Who" of the international banking community and a number of religious figures. Increasingly, Gary felt challenged to do something about these developments... to warn people of what lay ahead. He remembered the commitment he made to God as a young man. Was the Lord taking him up on his promise?...

After much prayer, the doors began to open in the summer of 1984, and his direction became more clear. Gary was invited to share his findings with small church groups. Soon he was asked to discuss the subject on radio talk shows. In April, 1985, ten months after beginning to speak out against world government and the New Age movement, he was issued an ultimatum by an administration superior. He was asked to keep quiet about this subject, or else resign his position. In May, after one last trip overseas to the Soviet Union and China, Gary submitted his letter of resignation.

Gary KahAfter more than 10,000 hours of intense personal research and seven years of struggling to overcome obstacles, his perseverance finally paid off with the publication of En Route To Global Occupation. It was a team effort between Gary, his wife and God. Although tested at times to their limits - trying to complete this project while raising a family - they never gave up. The experience strengthened their faith in Jesus Christ while teaching them to be obedient at all cost. When starting the project, Gary promised to give all the glory and honor for any forthcoming success to the Lord Jesus Christ. The same still holds true!

In 1997, Gary began working on a new project. He believed God was leading him to write a book that chronicled the past, present and future of the One World movement by examining the lives and plans of the 20th century's top New Agers. His goal: to give Christians a full understanding of the threat posed by this occult movement. His book, The New World Religion, became a reality in 1999 and has already influenced many Christian believers to be more discerning. It has also been instrumental in leading numerous New Agers to accept Jesus Christ as personal savior.

Along with providing an historical overview, Gary's book reports on the most recent developments in the One World movement, including the current effort to unite all of the world's religions through U.N. sponsored initiatives. It exposes the deception of interfaithism, documenting the growing influence of this thinking in Catholic and Protestant circles. The book also offers a sound scriptural response to these developments, helping readers to recognize the dramatic, yet disguised differences between biblical Christianity and New Age occultism. The New World Religion is thoroughly documented with 50 exhibits, over 300 footnotes, and an extensive appendix section. Gary's prayer is that this latest work would serve to wake up the Church, prompting Christians everywhere to rededicate their lives to the Lord and to renew their commitment to be discerning and obedient to God's truth.

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