Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Joseph Chambers

Joseph Chambers - Paw  Creek Ministries

Joseph Chambers (born January 19, 1936) is a Classical Pentecostal and has authored six books, co-authored 2 books,[1] has written over 185 booklets,[2] and made over 18 videos[3] on various Christian related subjects and is famous for his video series, which is an exposé on Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, and The False Anointing.[4] He is married to Juanita H. Chambers and has three children and six grandchildren.

He was a pastor in Tabor City, NC between 1957–1958, then Rockwell, NC between 1958-1964 He then became the pastor in Black Mountain, North Carolina between 1964-1968 – then Senior Minister in Paw Creek in 1968 where he still resides and is still Senior Pastor of Paw Creek Ministries, Charlotte, North Carolina.


After receiving General Educational Development (GED), he studied through Montreat Anderson College and has a Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Indiana Christian University, and a Doctorate of Sacred Literature from Bethany Theological Seminary.

If the reference to Montreat Anderson College is to be retained, this statement should be expanded to document the awarding of a degree, if appropriate. The grammar should be improved by substituting the word "at" for "through" if he attended the institution, and the first clause should be altered as well. If he did not attend the college, but studied "at a distance," this fact should be noted.

joe-chambers-coffeeChurch history

In 1992, Paw Creek Ministries and their pastor, Joseph Chambers, withdrew from the ranks of the Church of God based out of Cleveland TN over a conflict involving doctrinal issues about the Charismatic movement, a departure from the King James Bible and holiness. Subsequently, Paw Creek Ministries was sued by the Church of God in a long court battle, resulting in the seizure of their 20 acre—3 million dollar complex.

He is the Founder & President of Paw Creek Christian Academy (1974–Present), a Radio Host of One Hour Weekly Program, OPEN BIBLE DIALOGUE (1972–Present), the Founder & Chairman of Concerned Charlotteans (1983–Present), and the Co-Founder of Concerned Voice for Child Care (1985–Present).

He is the General Overseer of the Bible Holiness Ministerial Fellowship, which was organized in November 1998, and has ministers in the US and four foreign countries.[6]

He is also member of The Pre Tribulation Research Centre, which associates him with Grant Jeffrey, Tim Lahaye, and Dave Hunt.


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