Thursday, January 18, 2018
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The Leftist-Islamist Revolutionary Alliance

As the West continues to debate the meaning of the revolution in the Middle East, the raging flames pay no mind. Predicatably the Left-wing mainstream media continues to portray the riots and protests as a mere mundane or even laudable popular pro-democracy political movements seeking to oust repressive dictators. But the reality is far more nefarious, broad ranging and the long-term implications are genuinely apocalyptic.

There are two things that must be understood regarding the present revolution in the Muslim world. The first is the unusual alliance between Leftist revolutionaries and Islamist revolutionaries. As Reuters reported, the protests in Amman consisted of “Islamists, leftists and trade unionists”. Their chant? “We Want Change!” The second thing that must be understood is the Messianic undercurrent of the present Muslim revolution.

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