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I love this newsletter! It has a lot of great, and informative information! I really appreciate all of the information concerning survival techniques for if and when they may be needed! It also has great information on prophetic events that are now happening! Sign up and get this newsletter you will not be disappointed! ~ Kris R

Prophezine is my source for staying up to date! I have been a reader/subscriber for many years now and would not want to be without it. The articles are well researched, thought provoking and help me stay up to date with the fast pace of changing current events." ~ Nancy K.

Thank you Ray! Your personal attention is one of the things that set you and Tracye apart! I have supported many ministries over the years and none have come close to the personal attention you give to your readers. I look forward every Monday to my newsletter! Blessings to you and Tracye. ~ Keith M.

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